May 2016


The N6BMW-2 repeater in Santa Paula was shutdown today. With the WB6VKR repeater working perfectly on South Mtn, I made the determination that “Dash 2” was redundant and better utilized elsewhere.

Thanks to Ben (AG6HG) for housing this repeater and handling all the care and feeding.

Dan Feeney,


This morning, the necessary changes were made to bring the WB6VKR DMR Repeater onto the BrandMeister network with the rest of Ventura County. We are glad to have Art and his system as part of the county wide network.

The Ventura County talk group (#310652) is alive and well now on all of the 5 repeaters in the county, and roaming is now 100% supported.

There will be more info forthcoming on the nets. Stay tuned!


N6BMW-3 repeater has been temporarily re-tasked on a commercial repeater project.

WA6UEO /R in Ventura is an excellent alternative, followed by WB6VKR /R... once it has been switched over to the correct network master server.


Today, some minor changes were made to the Talk groups on all of the Ventura County DMR Systems.

If you take a look at the talk group listing for the respective repeaters you will notice that there are some that are bolded and others that are not. The ones that are bolded are the Static (always on) talk groups, and the un-bolded ones are the Dynamic talk groups. The numbers all remain the same with the only changes that occurred was Dynamic vs Static operation.

Roaming is now supported across all VC Repeaters.
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