August 2015


This past Friday we switched to a formerly abandoned StationMaster antenna on Sulphur. By going to this antenna, we gaining quite a bit of height (60’ vs 25’), and doing away with the stupid dual-band antenna strange and bizarre radiation patterns. On the surface, I am seeing somewhere in the range of a 10-12db improvement.

How about you?


I am proud to announce that starting this coming Friday evening at 7:00 PM local time, there will be a very informal gathering of the VCDRC Members and Repeater Users on talk group “Local”.

The intended purpose is to get everyone who desires to participate together on the same channel at the same time to shoot the breeze.

If you have any questions or problems, need help with programming, or just wanna visit, stop by at 7:00 and join in the rag chew.


The Ventura County Digital Radio Club (VCDRC) now has a publicly shared calendar of events and nets. This calendar is hosted by UpTo.

The calendar is available on this site, and via the UpTo smartphone app (to name a few). In the app, search for “VCDRC” and click on “Follow”.

Please send any additions to this calendar that you wish to be posted for all members/users to N6BMW, the calendar owner.
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