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Red Mtn Repeater Status

*** UPDATE - 3/3/20 ***

N6BMW has donated to the club the use of repeater pair 445.72(-) to help with the resolution of the interference issues. As of this date, the repeater is on the air, actively engaged in tests of this new frequency pair.

Stay tuned to the VCDRC Net for updates.

The Red Mtn WA6UEO repeater has been taken off the air for the immediate future due to an interference problem with a new PAPA Repeater in SoCal.

Neither PAPA nor SCRRBA have responded to any of our requests for assistance.

We are working to acquire another usable channel pair that will work for the Red Mtn coverage area.


It is with great pride that I announce the Ventura County Digital Radio Club (VCDRC) BrandMeister TalkGroup.

Today, talk group 31070 went live on all 5 of the Ventura County DMR Repeaters, on TimeSlot 2, the Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society (SNARS) c-Bridge, and of course the world-wide BrandMeister Network.

The plan is for “VenCo” (#310652) to return to being just a local repeater channel for Sulphur Mtn, just as #310701 is for South Mtn, and #310721 is for Red Mtn.

More on this Thursday night during the net, but for tonight… please share my joy.


Dan Feeney


To support all of the recent changes to the DMR configuration in Ventura County, as well as the addition of NorCal and SoCal talkgroups, Version 2.0 of the MD-380 codeplug has been released and is available for download now. We are also adding a special zone for DVMega HotSpot users. It uses 435.100 MHz (simplex) on TS-2 with ColorCode #1 to do its magic.

Next update to be released late in September will include more callsigns and another added feature that is currently being tested.


We are very proud to announce that the WA6UEO Repeater is now live on the BrandMeister Network FROM Red Mountain. Please see the repeater webpage for additional info.

Congratulations Tom, and thank you for making this wonderful resource available to us.
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